Monday, May 19, 2014

Hello Monday {Catching Up}

Hello Monday!

It has been too long since I have posted. Posting on Monday's is my favorite because it always is a great start to my week. 

It helps me to see the beauty that is all around me. 

I can focus on all the positive things and forget the negative!

So here goes ... 

Hello water with cucumber, lemon, and raspberries. I need to remember to drink water throughout the day. Otherwise, I will only drink my coffee in the morning. I am trying to be better.

Hello little cowgirl! She is obsessed with these cowboy boots right now. They are a little big but she insists upon wearing them. I love it!!

Hello ELMO! Maysie loves Elmo and this dancing one is her favorite thing. She brings him everywhere! 

Hello my loves! Watching these two love on each other melts my heart every . single . time! Maysie loves her brother, Jacob. He adores her {well until she messes up his room}. There love is contagious!

Hello new furniture!! Dan {my hubby} and I went to IKEA and bought new furniture! I am so happy. I still need to find pillows and a rug to brighten everything up! 

Hello Essential Oils pocket reference! My friend gave me this book to help me with using my Young Living Essential Oils. I love picking up this book and looking through it. 

Happy Monday Everyone!

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