Saturday, March 8, 2014

Hello Monday!

I cannot believe that it is Monday yet again. Why does it always feel like the week drags on and the weekend flies by. 

This was the first weekend that we have had nothing planned. No more basketball games. No birthday parties. No anything. 

Well my husband did have to work {which stinks} but he loves what he does and wanted to get a head start for his week.

The boys had to clean their rooms. I had laundry to do.

But instead we snuggled on the couch. The boys played video games and played a little bit outside {still way to cold ... stupid Polar Vortex}.

We decided it was homemade pizza and movie night for our family.

We love making homemade pizzas. I buy premade dough at Trader Joes which makes the process so much easier. 

So let's welcome in this week with a few hellos ...

Hello breakfast. It is so nice when I am actually on top of my game and am able to make my kids breakfast in the morning. They both love scrambled eggs!

Hello outside! It is has been so long since it has been "warm" enough to go outside! My kids love being outside and this cold weather has kept us in too long!

Hello puddles! I couldn't keep her out of them. She was soaked but had so much fun!

Hello silly girl! My Mom brought over all these balloons and Maysie loves them! She tries to bring them everywhere!

Hello Monday! 

How is your Monday going?

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