Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Midweek Confessions

Midweek Confessions is an idea E had to share her "dirty" little secrets about her life. She blogs at http://echapman.blogspot.com. Go check her out. She is funny and real. I love reading her posts!

So here are my "dirty" little secrets this week ...

* Until recently I had no structure to my day. Well, that isn't exactly true. Jacob has to be at school by 8:45 am and he has to be picked up by 3:35 pm so we had that type of structure but honestly throughout the day Maysie and I had nothing scheduled to do. So, this week {only 2 days so far} I have been trying to incorporate structure. We had played with dried beans, painted, made salt dough foot and hand prints ... instead of feeling like I am accomplishing things I feel like all I am doing is cleaning up. This little girl is messy!

* I suck at laundry! Seriously, it takes me at least 3 days to get laundry fully done and by that time my family of 5 has a ton more laundry for me to do. This is my laundry schedule ...
Day 1 - do all the laundry {about 7 loads}
Day 2 - bring laundry to the living room to fold it and seperate into a basket for each person
Day 3 - put laundry away
Day 4 - cry because there is more laundry to do

* While Maysie was jumping in puddles she saw a gross nasty crab apple, picked up said nasty apple, and took a bite. I think she liked it. I am pretty sure she said yum.

* Tonight I went to Target to buy myself yoga pants. Since we started going to My Gym on Wednesday afternoons I noticed that all the other Moms wore yoga pants. I didn't want to feel left out so I bought myself a pair. I am pretty sure that they will become pajama pants in the near future. 

* Tonight while Jacob and I were working on his Math worksheet I asked if his teacher graded last nights Math homework. He told me that she did and he got one wrong. He said it was the one I told him to correct. He asked me not to help him with his homework tonight so that he gets them all correct. 

I am sure there is a ton more things I should be confessing but its late and my brain stoppedworking immediately following dinner. {Maybe I should have included that on my list}

Anyway ... until next week.

Wait .. what would your "dirty" little secret be for this week?

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