Wednesday, March 5, 2014

My Gym {aka party till you drop}

Today we played at My Gym. It is a structured gym for little ones. My friend Ashley introduced me to this wonderful place for the little ones. There are classes for children 6 weeks old to school age. 

Maysie had such a blast.

They set up different activities throughout the hour. 

She learned how to do a forward roll. At first, she was uneasy about it but by the time it was over she loved it and got back in line so she could do it again!

{Tuck your head}

{And roll over}

Now she is smiling again!!

The ball pit was the biggest hit of all. She just wanted to sit in it and lick all the balls. {Gross I know}

She wouldn't jump in but she did let me place her in it!

Now typically in the past, she has HATED the swings! But today, she loved them. She wasn't in it for a long time but she was smiling which is a good thing!

And of course she was checking out her new friend, Caleb who was swinging as well.

After the hour long class she was exhausted! She ate a quick lunch and fell right to sleep. I wish it lasted longer but 30 minutes is better than nothing. {I guess}

If you ever get the chance to check out My Gym ... do it! Right now they are doing a special. The membership fee is $37.50 {normally $75} and it you are referred by someone you get $50 off your first month of classes {normally $72}. So if you do decide to try out My Gym tell them Mindy Waters-Nowack sent you so we both can receive the $50 off. 

You can check out My Gym at 

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