Monday, March 24, 2014

Hello Monday!

Once again it is Monday! So that means I get to give out some hellos. {Please link up with Lisa Leonard if you want to join in on the fun}

Hello Sunshine! Although I hear you are going away for a few days and we are getting more snow! Boo!!

Hello New Baby Nicholas! He is my newest cousin and he is so sweet! Maysie loved holding him. She basically turned into a statue and wouldn't move.

Hello Anthony! It is so sweet to see you as a big brother! Maysie had so mcuh fun playing with you today!

Hello squirrels and birds! You kept these two occupied searching for you! They would scream with delight when they found you!

Hello cousins! Growing up with family so close is the best!

Hello Anakin! You came over to play with Maysie this weekend too! She wasn't very good at sharing her toys with you but you both had fun playing outside!

Hello gymnastics girl! This was her very spot at My Gym! She loves doing the splits! 

If you want to get the 50% off the enrollement fee and save $50 off your second month of class ... you have to sign up before the end of the month! 

Happy Monday!

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