Monday, March 31, 2014

Hello Monday! {Spring Break}

Oh what a Monday it has been!

It is officially the first day of Spring Break! And what a glorious one at that. The weather was beautiful and the kids played outside all day. They climbed trees, bounced on pogo sticks, rode scooters, played basketball, practiced riding on Rip-sticks, and played soccer. Whoo and that was in the first hour of the day! I can't wait to see what tomorrow holds. 

Hello sweet girl. She has been wearing this mitten for days. If she can't find her mitten she will find a dirty sock someone has left around and wear that instead. Gross but I pick my battles with this fiery little one.

Hello Ikea shopping trip. We are looking at the grey couches/sectionals they carry. I love the clean lines of the furniture but I am not sure about a sectional. I feel like it doesn't seat as many people.

Hello my hunky husband. He loves sectionals. We are trying to compromise even though there really isn't a compromise in this one. I love being married. I love Ikea. Win Win. Furniture is just furniture.

Hello chairs and spotlights. Maysie could not stop sitting on every single piece of furniture. I couldn't stop laughing. She was so good marching around Ikea.

Hello colors. I just smile thinking about colors. Of course I have my favorites but I love them all. Can I decorate my house with every single color of the rainbow and then some? 

Hello Dottie dog. We are watching my Mom's dog while she is in Florida for Spring Break. She is a great dog but she has the worst breath. Can you give a dog a mint or put some peppermint essential oils in her water? Seriously, it is so bad.

Hello Elmo! Well we finally found an Elmo shirt ... in the boys section ... at Buy Buy Baby. Obviously, she is so happy. One night, one nap, and one entire day she has worn this shirt. I had to pry it off of her so I could wash it. 

Hello the world's best big brother! Oh boy does this picture just melt my heart. He is the most kind and compassionate brother ... EVER! I just want to bottle them both up right now. I mean seriously ... how many 11 year olds play with their little sister while their friends are around?? Love this boy!

I can't wait to continue our wonderful Spring Break! 

Happy Monday!

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