Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Truth about Friendships

I wish everything was sunshine and rainbows in my neck of the woods but right now it isn't. 

We are going through a little bit of a trying time.

I don't really know where to begin or really what to say. 

Friendships are tricky.

It takes being a good friend to have a good friend. 

It is not about believing the lies or convincing yourself you are doing the right things.

It is actually about doing the right things!

Having a 5th grader in the house I hear a lot about friendships. They seem to have a new "best" friend every single day of the week. They are learning boundaries. They are learning what they can do and what they can say. They are learning that being a friend is hard work. It takes time and patience. It takes doing a lot of the wrong things to learn what is right. It means using your moral compass to guide you into friendships that are worth it. 

To show a child what it takes to be a good friend you have to show them with your own friendships. 

Friendships should be valued and not taken for granted. 

Friendships shouldn't be tossed away because of another friend or because they have a new boyfriend or girlfriend.

Unfortunately, the adults in my Little Man's life are not proving to be a good example. 

I wish I could protect Jacob from them but I cannot. 

But I can teach him. 

I can talk to him.

I can show him love when he isn't feeling it from others. 

I can read to him about friendships. 

I can show him how to grow as friend. 

I can teach him to be kind.

I can teach him to think of others before himself. 

So today if you could say a little prayer for my Little Man.

Pray that even through difficult times and others bad decisions he can choose to do the right thing.

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