Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Currently ....

I am waiting for this cutie to wake up. Oh yes, I know it is almost 10 am but she had a really rough night last night and no one really got to sleep.

I am thankful for my husband who has spent so many hours at work to get a bigger paycheck. He knows how much I love being home with my babies (does an almost 11 year old count as a baby still?) and works VERY VERY hard to provide for our family.

I am drinking my second cup of coffee and still wearing my pajamas. I have showered, put on make up, and done my hair but I am not really ready for my day to start yet. I am substitute teaching this afternoon so I better get dressed soon. 

When Maysie is awake she typically looks like this. She loves wearing really large gloves and a Rey Mysterio mask. She can put them on and take them off like a pro.

I recently bought a new calendar and planner from Target. I love them. They are from Sugar Paper and not expensive at all. The planner was $8 and the calendar was $10. It is so much more fun to plan your schedule when you have a cute planner and calendar. 

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