Monday, March 3, 2014

Hello Monday!

Hello Monday!

 What a crazy and busy weekend we had! I love busy weekends. I love slow and lazy weekends too!

 So ... here are some photos and a few hellos for this new week.
Hello Tractor! You are Maysie's favorite toy! She loves all the animal sounds you make!
Hello Sleepy Girl! I am hoping we are turning a new leaf in our sleeping since this was the first time you have ever just fallen alseep on your own!
Hello Portillos Date Night! We had so much fun! I love watching my husband interact with our daughter. He loves sharing food with her. I tease them that food is their love language.
Hello Cheese Sauce and Ketchup! Dipping her food is one of her favorite eating activities. For lunches she loves dipping her food in ranch.
Hello Silly Faces! Seriously, she loves dipping!
Hello taste testing! I don't think that she liked the taste of cheese and ketchup on her french fry as much as she liked dipping it!
Hello my precious daughter. Trying to get pictures of her is near to impossible. She is constantly on the move but this one turned out nice.
Hello Oscar Party! My cousin threw together a really fun Oscar party and unfortunatly I only took two pictures. Everyone was super dressed up as in tuxes and evening gowns. I didn't dress up. Boo! Now I wish I had.
Hello messy Girl! She loved playing with her cousins. It was wonderful and it wore her out so much that she fell asleep as soon as we got home!
Hello Jacob, my basketball star! It is such a joy to watch you play. His team is in the playoffs. They won their first game, lost their second game, and now they play again on Tuesday to see which team will be third. Either way they have played well and I am so proud of him. 

It has already been a great Monday. I have made homemade applesauce, homemade chicken noodle soup, and a fresh loaf of french bread. 

Maysie has taken a nap like a champ and I have even gotten most of the laundry done! Woo Hoo.

Happy Monday everyone!!


  1. Wow what an awesome date night and Monday thus far. Good luck to Jacob.
    I just popped over from Lisa's site to say HI!!

    1. Thank you for stopping by Sherri!! It was a fun date night. We typically don't go out very much so it made it that much more special!!


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