Monday, August 5, 2013

Hello Monday {Our Weekend}

Hello Monday! I can't believe you came so quickly. The weekend seemed to fly by but I tried to soak in some quality time with my family. So this is what we did on our boring at home weekend. {Seriously, it was the best lazy weekend I have had in the longest time. I am really sad to see it go!}

Hello knitted ballet slippers. They were a pretty pink but now they are pink on the top and black on the bottom. {She was having too much fun chasing her brothers on the blacktopped road.}

Hello sparkly tiara. Trying on tiaras was a blast. Little Miss loved wearing it around the store and she cried when I took it off. She really is a princess on the inside. {Wink Wink Prince George Alexander Lewis of Cambridge. Ok maybe I am getting a little crazy about them marrying. Maybe}

Hello colorful messes. Little Miss loves my scrap felt pile. I used to keep it really neat in that little basket but now that she dumps it out 1,467,999 times a day. I just throw it back in the basket.

Hello Prince Harry (the doggie). My family might just be a little crazy about the British monarchy. But since my Grandma is from Wales it is hard not to be. Little Miss is now starting to get a little less scared of the dogs. Well that is until they bark or whine then she screams her pretty little head off.

Hello Princess Fiona ... I know I know. It is what it is. This is the first time that she has intentionally touched the cat. Most of the time she screams and screams when the cat just looks in her direction.

Hello french market finds. This cheese/jelly/butter spreaders were so cute. They said things like spread love, butter me up, and let them eat cake. The forks said I do and the other one said me too. Super cute! Love Love Love.

Hello pretty bottles! What is it about a self sealing bottle in a wooden crate that makes me swoon over them. I don't know but I love the look of this. What would I even put in those bottles?

Hello champagne currants. I have honestly never eaten a currant but these looked too yummy. And honestly who doesn't like champagne?

Hello chalkboard taggies, napkin rings, and tiny clothes pins. It is the organizational possibilities that really draws me to these things. 

Hello homemade donuts! I should have eaten one just to report on how good they were but since I am still trying to lose the last few pounds of baby weight I didn't eat one. {Or it could have been because my Mom was with me and she judges my eating with her eyes. As in ... really you are going to eat that. She would say I should eat half and save the rest for later. Honestly, I don't play that game. If she wasn't there it would have been game on!}

Hello baby hugs. Little Miss has just started hugging her babies. I love how sweet the whole moment is. This doll in particular is her favorite.

Hello midday naps. I love that my husband took this picture of us. We both needed the rest and she is so super cuddly.

Hello Little Man. He rarely makes an appearance on the blog anymore because he is really cool and has friends to play with all day. So I made him take a "selfie" with me. I can't believe he is going into 5th grade in just a few weeks.

Hello cousins/friends. These two are 3 months apart. Little Miss didn't like sharing her toys. "A" didn't seem to mind that she stole whatever he had in his hand. I think they are best friends already.

Hello teeny weeny bikini. This was bought for Little Miss before she was born by my sweet cousin who has officially declared herself the swimsuit gifter. I love the belly that hangs out!

Hello time. You really are flying by. In less than one month Little Miss will be 1 years old. I can't believe how quickly she is growing.

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