Friday, August 2, 2013

5 On Friday {Things I Want}

I have never done a 5 on Friday post before but this was so much fun! I decided I would post things that I want.

1. Starbucks Shaken Iced Peach Green Tea - I just tried this drink 2 weeks ago and it is delicious. I could drink this every single day. It isn't overly sweet but just sweet enough. I am in love with it!

2. A Homemade Teepee by Strawberry Swing & Other Things - How cute is this teepee?!?! I was just saying the other day that Little Miss would love a tent since she likes to "hide" under her high chair. Due to the fact that you could use any fabric you want I would love to customize this to something very shabby chiq. I love this tutorial.

3. Organic Flip Top Reusable Bag by The Clementine Bee - Now that we are preparing for back to school in our household. These would be perfect. I really hate spending money on bags that I throw away on a daily basis. These bags are really cute and would be perfect for my soon to be 5th grader!

4. All Natural Lemon/Almond/or Vanilla Extract - I have been on a baking kick lately. The artificial extract that I buy from Aldi does the trick but it doesn't taste very vanilla-y (I know that isn't really a word). To have an all natural product that would kick my baking up a notch. Love Love Love!

5. Book Bag Storage Inspiration - The one thing I hate about back to school is that there are book bags, lunch bags, and school supplies everywhere (although I do love new school supplies). This would be a perfect way to keep all the bags off the floor plus the corkboards would be a great way to keep notes, permission slips, or calenders organized.

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