Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Backseat Conversations

I find it humorous that Little Man and I can have such amazing conversations about God while driving to school. It always seems to be the most perfect time to discuss BIG things in such a SHORT amount of time.

For a little prior knowledge, there is a little boy in our neighborhood that doesn't seem to get along with the other children. He is constantly tattling and when he tattles his mother comes down to our end of the block to yell at the other children. It had gotten so bad that by the end of last summer I just told Little Man to ignore the boy and pretend like he was invisible. {I think this was because having a new baby at home just made me tired and ornery. And to be honest ... I just didn't want to deal with the mother.}

Fast forward to this morning ...
Little Man saw the little boy getting into the car to go to school. Little Man said, "Oh Look Mom the fat annoying kid is getting into his car. He never goes outside and he should probably run around outside to lose some weight."

I couldn't believe the mean words that were coming out of my sweet little boy's mouth. My immediate response would have been to just yell. {I admit I am a yeller.} But instead I asked Little Man a question. I asked, "Do you think your behavior is like God's behavior?"

In the rear view mirror I saw a look of disappointment spreading across his face. He mumbled the word no a little under his breath obviously embarrassed of how he was just talking.

I then asked another series questions ... "Who does God love? Does he love only skinny people or happy people?"

Little Man immediately knew the answer ... "NO! God loves everyone!"

"You are right Little Man he loves everyone. He loves skinny people, heavy people, happy people, sad people, rich people, and poor people. And that is what our behavior needs to show. Our words need to be words that God would use. Our lives need to look like how God would live His life."

To that he responded ... "Then Mom today I am only going to ask what God would do before I speak or play with my friends."

{I was impressed because he does not know about the What Would Jesus Do?! }

I told him that I would pray that he would do just that. He seemed satisfied with our chat and then began singing an obnoxious song about a porcupine eating a carrot. {Yet another YouTube video song that is now stuck in my head}

Some days it feels like those 10 minutes of uninterrupted time are not quite enough time but today it was just the perfect amount!

I love our backseat conversations.

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