Tuesday, March 19, 2013

My Wee Ones are sick

To be honest I thought I would be posting some super cute pictures of my Little's in St. Patrick's day gear but both of them came down with some nasty fevers!

It all started on Friday when Little Man woke up extra early to tell me he had a headache. I told him that if he took a shower and an advil he would probably feel better. So he did and ... he did. He felt better.

At around 11 am I received a phone call from school that Little Man had a temperature and I needed to come pick him up.

As soon as I arrived at school he was nearly in tears. He said he felt awful and just wanted to go to bed. {If you know my Little Man ... he never wants to go to bed.}

He pretty much slept all afternoon until his dad came to pick him up for the weekend. It felt really weird to let my sick little one leave the nest for the weekend but I knew his dad would take good care of him.

The next morning I got a text message from his dad saying that his temperature is 101.5 and that he is now throwing up. {Now I was a little more grateful he was at his dad's because throw up and I don't mix. As in I throw up when others throw up.} He was getting him juniors advil and renting movies for a fun day of lounging on the couch.

I thought all was well at my house until St. Patrick's Day. Little Miss and I went to church and during the service I thought she felt very warm. But I also thought it could be the fleece sling I was carrying her in. So I didn't think much of it until she slept through the whole service ... and service was loud. We had clapping, drums, guitars, singing, and our pastor isn't quiet at all.
 Here is a picture of our blue fleece sling. It is by far my favorite! It is from KangarooKorner.com.

I brought her home and took her temperature. She also had a fever of 101.5. So into bed we headed for the afternoon.

My hubby was wonderful. He ran to the store and grabbed her some infant advil and some pedialite.  {It was really nice to lay in bed because we just bought a brand spankin new mattress. If only I wasn't laying in it because Little Miss was sick.}

So all in all our St. Patrick's Day was quiet. There was a whole lot napping and nursing going on. But that was just fine with me.

So here are the St. Patrick's Day pics of our day.

On a side note I made Little Miss's head band. I was thinking about making some and posting them 
on this blog if anyone is interested in purchasing them. Not sure of a price or anything at this point. Just looking to see if there is any interest. Please let me know your thoughts. Here is an up close picture.

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