Friday, December 14, 2012

Want to go on a coffee date?

If we were going to go on a coffee date today ...

I would have to apologize for still wearing my pajamas and slippers.

I would tell you to be careful as you walked in the door because I have been doing laundry and four baskets are sitting on the floor.

I would offer you a coffee while I drank both coffee and water. I need to increase my milk supply.

I would encourage you to talk to Little Miss because "talking" is her favorite.

She may fall asleep while you are here on a blanket her great grandma Dee made for her daddy when he was 10.

I would tell you that Christmas is always difficult each year when money is tight and your children want really big gifts.

I would ask you if there is anything you would like me to pray for you this week.

I would ask you to tell me your story.

I would thank you for spending time with me because being a stay at home Mom can be lonely sometimes.

I would ask you to come back because I enjoy your company.


  1. How I love the idea of sitting down and chatting over coffee- but how difficult is that when you're a mom? Thanks for inviting us all into your house!


  2. I would NEVER turn down a coffee date, pj's or not!;) Your babe is stunning btw, I'd love chatting her up too.


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