Monday, October 22, 2012

Happy Monday! {In Awe}

I am in awe of everything around me ... 

 I am in awe of my brother Michael who was the first visitor at the hospital to meet his niece!
 I am in awe of my grandmother who gave us her blessing when we chose to name Little Miss after her.
 I am in awe of Little Man who prayed to be a big brother for years and loves his sister so deeply!
 I am in awe of my youngest brother who can be a friend to Little Man and a loves his new niece as well!
 I am in awe of my Mother who is a constant support to me throughout everything!
 I am in awe of Christian who while uneasy about being a big brother is doing a great job!
 I am in awe of my middle brother who couldn't wait to be an Uncle again and cannot wait to spoil her!
 I am in awe of Little Man who loves to help me with Little Miss!

 I am in awe of the beautiful Fall season and the love of my family!

I am in awe of Little Miss! She loves looking at me, smiling, and sleeping. She is so beautiful and I am thankful for her and Little Man every day!

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