Friday, October 19, 2012

Breastfeeding {The Don'ts}

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The Don'ts

* Don't let people get you down:
Several times unintentionally people would upset me by the words they would say. I have heard that my baby is starving, it would be easier to formula feed, and if breastfeeding is so painful just quit doing it.
Remind people that you are doing what your body was meant to do. Then take a deep breath.
*Don't keep formula in the house
Because breastfeeding takes a lot of time and patience the knowledge that you have an easy way out with a bottle can change your way of thinking. When Little Miss was a week old I did give her formula because I was allowing people's comments to get to me. I gave her the bottle and felt horrible. I knew I was  sufficient for her but I caved. I know I wouldn't have caved if I didn't have formula in the house. 

*Don't suffer through breastfeeding
If you are in pain and something doesn't feel right call a lactation consultation. I always felt from the beginning that Little Miss wasn't latching on properly. But I wasn't sure. I called my friend who nursed her 2 babies and she offered to come over to check out  her latch. I found out Little Miss wasn't latched on properly because her lips were tucked under. I wish I asked for help earlier!

*Don't keep your boobs covered all the time
In order to heal your breasts quicker you need to let them breathe. It is a good idea to just go topless for a day or two. If you have older kids around like I do you can just leave the flaps down and cover yourself lightly with a blanket while you are napping.

*Don't try to be super mom
Take naps! While breastfeeding you need to rest. When the baby is sleeping you need to be sleeping. Your body is working really hard at healing from delivery and at make food to sustain your new baby. Let the laundry and the dishes pile up and just get some rest!!

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