Friday, August 24, 2012

38 Weeks! {Updated}

Baby's size: A Pumpkin

How far along:
38 weeks

Sleep: Ha ha ... yeah right! I am getting up in the middle of the night and then I am exhausted all day! I probably should get used to this because I am sure it won't get any better after the baby is born.

Maternity Clothes: Even maternity clothes are getting uncomfortable. In the picture above I am wearing a regular dress but with black leggings underneath. It was super comfortable!

Food cravings: I am starting to not really be hungry at all during the day. I am drinking smoothies with protein powder to keep me filled up.

Food aversions:
I make Little Man eggs in the morning for breakfast and the smell is grossing me out! 

Symptoms I have: Not sure if I have dropped yet but I am feeling some "shocks" of Baby Girl hitting nerves.

Doctor’s Appointment: I have a doctor's appointment today at 10:15 am. I will update with stats as soon as I come home. 

Stats: I lost 2 pounds this week so I have officially gained 25 lbs. My blood pressure was a little high of 137/88.
I am still measuring a week behind of 37.5 weeks.
Baby Girl's heart rate was 141 bpm.
Baby Girl has moved down and things are definitely progressing! 

Movement: I am feeling a lot less big movements but Baby Girl is stretching and moving all the time.

Belly Button:

Gender: It's a GIRL!! 

Best moment of the week:
Setting up the due date guessing calendar! I love hearing when my family thinks she will be born and how much she will weight!

What I’m looking forward to: My family is throwing me a Baby Sprinkle on Sunday! I cannot wait to celebrate with them before she arrives.

What I miss: A good night's sleep and sleeping on my stomach. Also, being able to get up without shooting pains.

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