Monday, August 13, 2012

36 Weeks

Baby's size: A Honeydew Melon

How far along:
36 weeks

Sleep: No sleep for me! By the time I get comfortable I get heartburn and then cannot sleep. I came downstairs and slept on the chaise lounge last night. It did seem to help!

Maternity Clothes:Yes!

Food cravings: Sweets! For the first time ever I am loving cake and brownies!

Food aversions:

Symptoms I have: I am getting some Braxton Hicks contractions. I still have heartburn. I also have been getting leg cramps really bad at night!

Doctor’s Appointment: I have a doctor's appointment today. I am not sure if they are going to "check" me or not but with everything going on at my house I am hoping to keep Baby Girl in for atleast another week.

Movement: She is still moving like crazy.

Belly Button:
Officially an innie for my whole pregnancy!

Gender: It's a GIRL!! 

Best moment of the week:
Getting the nursery ready! We put together the crib and painted the walls. All we still have to do is stain the dresser and hang some things on the wall!

What I’m looking forward to: Having a healthy baby girl join our family!

What I miss: Sleeping through the night but I have a feeling that it will be a long time before that happens!

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