Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My Husband LOVES Guy Fieri

A few weeks ago my husband wanted to go to the grocery store ... {yes! he does love going to the grocery store only because all of his favorite snacks come home with him!}.

After 2 hours with him at the store I was getting worried {more worried about our budget and not what he was doing}.

I called him and he answered. He told me he was reading a book at the grocery store. {Really ... a book ... at the grocery store ... umm ... ok}.

So I asked the next obvious question ... What book?

Guy Fieri's Food!

Now if you know my husband ... he loves to cook and he loves watching the food network.

So ... fast forward to Father's Day.

His wonderful wife {that's me!} and the kids bought him the book he was reading at the grocery store. Yup I am that wonderful.

Not only did he get the cookbook but then I told him that he could pick one side dish from the book that he wanted to make. I would then go to the store, get the ingredients, and be his sues chef.

So he picked the Good Girl's Championship Potato Salad.

We chopped, boiled, stirred, sliced, mixed, and measured our way to a wonderful side dish to bring to my Mom's house for dinner.

 This potato salad was delicious!!!! It was a little spicy but so good and so full of flavor!! We will definitely be making this again!!
Yes! That is my super cute husband! 
 He loved Father's Day and now I catch him reading this book every spare chance he gets!

Before the party I even saw this set up in the kitchen. I am sure he was taking pictures of his wonderful cooking to send to his sisters who were not going to be at the bar-b-que.

So Guy Fieri ... if you are reading this {yeah ... I know... I am sure he isn't} but if you are .... My husband would love to be your sidekick on any of your shows!

Seriously ... my husband loves Guy Fieri!!

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