Saturday, August 6, 2011

Now That My Computer is Working Again …

Oh boy! I cannot believe my computer has been funky for so long that I have been unable to post anything since June. It was finally fixed yesterday and I am so excited. I couldn’t even look at the blogs I follow properly.

Let me tell you it was rough! '

This summer has flown by and I cannot believe it is coming to an end in a few short weeks when I still have so much to do…. like school supply shopping.

Jacob is not interested at all to go back to school shopping which is making it more difficult.

All I have bought so far is glue sticks and a pencil box.

So much left to buy!

I was kind of thinking about the content of my blog and I knew that I wanted to add more how-to’s. I am trying to learn new things and perfect things I have done for a long time.

I was thinking … a how-to on how to make the perfect cup of English tea, give the recipe for my grandmother’s pepper steak over egg noodles and my very own tuna salad sandwich recipe.

What do you think?

What kind of content would you like to hear more about?

I cannot wait to update you on all the fun things that we have been doing this summer.

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