Friday, June 17, 2011

Getting Prepared ~ Showing my OCD tendencies {Giveaway}

***  Edited ~ The giveaway has been extended until June 26th at midnight ****
I am not married and I do not know the first thing about being a wife. I am hoping to get married soon. Well as soon as Dan pops the question that is. So while I am waiting I like to read about marriages and how to be a good wife. You know be prepared for the otherwise un-preparable.
The first time I heard about Marla Taviano was when I was reading another blog {The Simple Wife} and Joanne was talking about a friend who just wrote a book called From Blushing Bride to Wedded Wife. I thought that the book sounded interesting so I clicked on the link and found Marla’s blog.
I immediately became hooked on Marla due to her very personal super funny style of writing.
I ordered her book and read it cover to cover in just a few days.
I loved her perspective on being a wife, the hardships newlyweds face, and her honesty about her flaws as a new wife. She also discussed the dreaded topic of being a subservient wife. She changed my mind … completely!
So when Marla was talking about a new book she was writing I was intrigued!!
Then she started talking about what she was writing about … sex … from a husband’s perspective. I felt like I could not really relate but I wanted to help promote it.
She already wrote a book about sex from the wife’s perspective! I guess the guys didn’t want to be left out of the discussion.
In order to write her new e-book she surveyed real husbands … over a hundred of them … and received their honest answers about what they love about their wives, what they wish their wives knew about them, and their relationship with porn. Seriously, she asked the hard hitting questions.
I interviewed Marla about her new book and this is what she had to say about her new book The Husband’s Guide to Getting Lucky: Six Simple Steps to Great Sex with Your Wife.
Me: Why did you feel it was important to write this book?
Marla: Actually, I didn't really think it was important at first. I had no intention of writing a book for guys about sex. In my experience, guys aren't big readers, so I thought it would be a waste of time. And then I got several e-mails in a row from husbands almost begging me to write it, so I decided to give it a whirl. And I'm so glad I did.

Me: What was the most surprising responses you received? Did you feel like you knew what the responses would have been before the husbands even answered the survey?
Marla: I've been reading and writing and speaking about sex for quite awhile now, so sure, I had a pretty good idea what guys were going to say. But one question completely caught me off guard. #8--What is your relationship with pornography and how has this affected your marriage? I knew Christian guys weren't immune to porn, but I really had no idea how many wonderful, loving husbands have a real problem with it. The majority of them hate that they struggle with it and would give anything to get out of that trap. Hopefully I was able to offer a lot of hope to both husbands and wives in the book.

Me: What are you hoping that the wives take away from reading this book?
Marla: Well, technically, wives aren't supposed to be reading it. :) But I know they will be. I even wrote a little foreword for them in the book. A wife who reads this book is going to walk away knowing more about how her husband is wired and that sex for him is an important way for him to connect emotionally with the woman he loves (and is married to). She might even walk away feeling a little convicted of her own selfishness. But trust me, I didn't point any fingers at wives that I'm not pointing at my own little self too!

Me: What are you hoping that husbands take away from this book?
Marla: More than anything, I want them to know that there is hope for their marriage. That they and their wives really can bridge the glaring disconnect that's so common when it comes to sex. Knowing how your wife wants to be loved can go a loooooooong way toward making your marriage bed a rockin' place to be.

Don’t you just love her?! She really has a heart for God, marriages, and women.
So would you like to read her new e-book? Do you want to know more?
Head on over to the e-books website
You can go here to purchase your own copy for $4.99 which can then be downloaded to your IPad, Nook, Kindle, or even in PDF format for your computer.
OR …..
You can win a copy by leaving me a comment answering the following question …

What is your own personal definition of love?

So come on just leave a comment and enter to win. The comments will be open until midnight on June 26th.

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