Monday, August 8, 2011

Works For Me Wednesday {Swiffer Wet Jet}

I love finding ways to save money especially now that we only have one income and additional school expenses. It has been tough but we are really trying to find ways to save money. {If anyone knows a frugal way to get cable please let me know … it has me stumped!} Anyway I was surfing the blog world one day and found a tutorial on how to open the Swiffer Wet Jet bottle.
Have you ever tried to open one of these? It is like a child proof medicine bottle for adults! Let me tell you it is frustrating.
Another thing that is frustrating about the Wet Jet bottle is that it costs $5 a bottle. That is crazy because it doesn’t even last that long. It may last longer in other houses but with all the males that live in my house messes and the use of the Wet Jet is inevitable.
So would you like to know how to refill a Swiffer Wet Jet  bottle? You do … ok good because I am going to tell you!

First you are going to need
~One empty Wet Jet bottle
~A pot full of boiling water
~Pine-sol or your favorite floor cleanser. (FYI – I like Pine-sol or it’s off brand because it only costs 89 cents for a big bottle)
~An oven mitt or towel

Are you ready??
1. Fill a small pot with water and place on the stove. The water needs to get to a nice rolling boil.
2. Once the water has begun boiling, place the cap and the neck of the Wet Jet bottle into the boiling water.
3. Wait 20 seconds.
4. Take the bottle out of the boiling water. Using your oven mitt or towel try to take the cap off.
5. It worked didn’t it! That is my favorite part.
6. Now that the cap is off fill the bottle with water and your favorite floor cleaner.
7. Put the cap back on!

And that works for me!


  1. Brilliant!! Thanks for sharing. - DawnJoy

  2. I love frugal tips like this! Too bad Swiffer doesn't just make it easier to open the darn cap to begin with, since people have already paid for the equipment they may as well get to use it however they want. Thanks for the work around though, so we can still save money.

    I loved your tip so much I featured it on my website's weekly round up. You can see it here:

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    Thanks again!


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