Thursday, June 16, 2011

Meet our Compassion Child and Summer Vacation ~ Day 5

I signed up to be a Compassion letter writer at the end of May. When I signed up I was told that it could take weeks and months to be assigned a child. I was hoping that it wouldn’t take months but I knew God would select a child for our family.
Then yesterday I went to the mailbox and inside was my Compassion packet. We got our child.
Meet Iradukunda Diane our Compassion child.
She is almost exactly one year older than Jacob.
We read through the packet getting to know Iradukunda. Jacob loved learning about her.
He loved hearing about how she had to get water and firewood for her family.
He said we just need to send her water so she doesn’t have to walk for miles to get dirty water. (I love his heart!!)
We both sat down and decided to write her our first letter.
Jacob found a school picture of himself to include with his letter.
I am sending along a card reminding her that we love her and that so does God.
We are going to mail them out today!!
God heard my prayers and gave us this wonderful little girl.
Words cannot describe how happy I am.

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