Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Getting Crafty!!

Ok so I try to be crafty. I am teaching myself to sew and also teaching myself some crafts that seem easy that I find from reading other blogs. So want to see what I have done?

I knew you would!!


I made this super huge, hold everything, and more bag. I found the tutorial here. It was so easy to follow and I think I did a fantastic job (if I do say so myself)!

The buttonholes were the hardest part but otherwise it was pretty easy.

Then I bought white metal stars but they matched the wall too much. So I had Dan spray paint them.

What do you think?


Then I had this great idea for a new memo board. A old frame, aqua paint, and yarn did the trick!


I am actually going to redo it because the yarn is not sturdy enough. But I love it for holding all of my wedding invitations (5 more until the end of the year).

Then we had this old coffee table and side table that I was not that happy with but they did the job. But then I got an idea and put Dan to work. I do not have a before picture but here is the after …


From this picture my house looks empty. Trust me it isn’t.

So that is how crafty I have been lately.

Does anyone else know an easy craft that I could do to spruce up my house or just one that is fun? Leave a comment I need more ideas!

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  1. Love that bag! I really want to learn to sew too!


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