Tuesday, May 31, 2011



Ok this post is all about honesty. Please do not judge me as I judge myself. (Yes you did read that correctly!)

Later is my key word. I say it all the time and to a lot of different people.

When I say "later" to Jacob it probably means not today and probably not tomorrow.

"Mom, can I have dessert?" ~ Jacob

"What kind of dessert would you like?" ~Me

"A root beer float!" ~Jacob

"Not now maybe later" ~ unfortunately me

When I say "later" to my friends it basically means no.

"Hey Mindy, do you want to go to the store?" ~ Friend

"Right now?" ~ Me

"Yeah, it will be fun!" ~ Friend

"Maybe later but not right now." ~ unfortunately me again

When I say "later" to Dan it means definitely not today.

"Do you want to do something?" ~ Dan

"Like what?" ~ Me (and yes I say sweet things like that - picture a little bit of attitude thrown in for good measure)

"I don't know. Anything" ~ Dan

"Yeah maybe later" ~ Me

But saying later doesn't just stop at my words ... I tell myself "later" all the time.

When will I feel like an adult? ~~ Later

When should I file bankruptcy? ~~ Later

When should I send out that email? ~~ Later

When should I update twitter/facebook/blog? ~~ Later

When should I make that phone call? ~~ Later

I would love to sponsor a child through Compassion International but that will wait for later.

I would love to start a gluten free diet in my household but it looks a little hard so I will start that later.

How lovely would it be to get up early and spend some time with God? Oh yeah but I stayed up late watching nothing on tv so I will just have to do that later.

I purchased a children and family devotional but why start that now when I can start it later.

I seem to be able to do other things instantly without saying "later" so why does all the things that should be important get put to the back burner.

I feel that there is more to this life and I missing out on it all because I figure I could do it later.

I am sick of waiting for later to come.

Especially since I am the one putting the stipulations on it.

I want to start now. I know I can't do them all but starting with one thing make just make me say "now" instead of "later".

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