Thursday, May 26, 2011

Adult … who me?

The other day my friend and I were talking about being adults. Since I will be 30 in 6 days and since she has already turned 30 we felt that this was an appropriate topic to talk about. Our question really turned out to be … when do you start feeling like an adult?

I guess for me I always thought that when I graduated from college I would be an adult but as of right now I still haven’t graduated yet. So that cannot be it.

Then I was thinking that when I had a child I would be an adult but I had Jacob relatively young so maybe that is why I don’t feel like an adult.

I thought that reaching the ripe old age of 30 would make me an adult but I don’t really feel that coming on as of yet.

I thought that having a mortgage and bills to pay qualified you as an adult but since I have had a mortgage, now rent, and I am filling bankruptcy and I don’t yet feel like an adult I know that cannot be it.

So what is it … What qualifies you as an adult? OR Does anyone ever actually feel like an adult?

I guess my *new* theory is that you can do adult things but never honestly feel like an adult.
I know that when I walk into parent teacher conferences I feel like I just don’t belong as if I am not really old enough to be there.

I still call my Mom whenever I need advice or just to have girl talk.

I still like going out with my wonderful girlfriends and dancing the night away to some local band at a local bar.

So what gives? When am I going to feel like a grown up?

Do you feel like you are an adult? When did you start feeling that way? Please share with me your thoughts.

I know Donna and I never reached a conclusion to our conversation.

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  1. I like your new blog look :) I'm not sure when you feel like an adult! My mom died when I was 27 and I was so overwhelmed trying to be a mom on my own without her! That was the first time I truly felt like an adult, because my identity switched from being her daughter, to focusing solely on my own family. But even almost 7 years later, I still can't believe I have 3 kids of my own, almost 4, and have been married almost 12 years! I still think of myself as being about 25, even though I'm 34 now. LOL! I can't believe I graduated from college 13 years ago! It doesn't seem possible!!


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