Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hello Mr. Stanley … It’s Nice to FINALLY meet you

As you may know (or may not know – depending on if you watched) the Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley cup.

To be honest we were not avid hockey watchers throughout the series but we did watch the final game when they won.

My brother works for the Village and got the opportunity to invite his family to see (and touch) the Stanley cup for 12 seconds on a Wednesday.

Jacob, Christian, and I decided that this may be our only opportunity to see the Stanley cup so we waited in line for 30 minutes and got our picture taken.

We were not allowed to take pictures because 12 seconds obviously was not enough time to make sure everyone was smiling and without funny faces. So they took the pictures for us and we finally got to see the pictures yesterday.

So here they are ….

mark's family 1


Doesn’t my brother look handsome?

I am so glad that we got this opportunity. And we will definitely never forget it.

Thank you Mark for inviting us!

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