Saturday, July 10, 2010


We have been spending a lot of time at the pool. Jacob has never taken swimming lessons but I have taught him the best I could at the local pool or at my friend Donna’s in-laws pool. At Donna’s in-laws pool there is a tiny blue diving board that he has been allowed to jump off. Once he pops up after diving he doggie paddles with all of his might to reach the ladder.

Yes this is foreboding!

Yesterday we were at a new pool and there was a high dive diving board. My little brother Matthew was doing back flips off of it and Jacob wanted to try it out.

Since I was right there, along with 3 other lifeguards, I told him that he could.


He climbed up to the top.


Made his way to the edge.


Got ready …


and jumped.


Landing with a splash!


His wave let me know he was ok.

I am telling you … my son is fearless.

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  1. yeah for him! my girls haven't taken swim lessons either but they are all doing well. Elayna took her first dive off a diving board last wednesday and it was the same. a sweet thumbs up to let me know she was fine!


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