Thursday, July 8, 2010

I Want To Be A Super Model

Yesterday was a very weird day. The weather was super hot but it was also supposed to rain. Instead of spending $21 dollars to go to the local pool we decided to spend $5 and go to Cantigny Park. The boys would strike a pose and then tell me to take their pictures. We spent a good two hours running around, posing, taking photos, and playing in the fountains. Do you think we had a good day?

DSCF0668 DSCF0670    DSCF0673DSCF0679DSCF0678DSCF0680 DSCF0681 DSCF0691 DSCF0697 DSCF0701 DSCF0705 DSCF0712 DSCF0717 DSCF0719 DSCF0729 DSCF0731 DSCF0732 DSCF0739 DSCF0742 DSCF0756 DSCF0758 DSCF0759 DSCF0760 DSCF0761 DSCF0764 DSCF0774 DSCF0783 DSCF0784 DSCF0809 DSCF0810 DSCF0812 DSCF0814 DSCF0832 DSCF0834 DSCF0842 DSCF0851 DSCF0852 DSCF0853 DSCF0855 DSCF0862

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  1. I think you guys had an AWESOME day! What GREAT and FUN photos of your boys! They are so handsome! Perfect way to spend $5 and save the other, I'd say!

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