Friday, July 16, 2010

7 years later I must have lost my mojo

2010-07-16 15.15.36

Sorry the picture is so crummy but honestly do you see this little sweetie? This is baby Drea, a one year old, who I have been watching the past few days. (FYI – this picture is from one of two naps that she had the entire 3 days I had her.)

I have loved cuddling and smooching on her sweet little face and I will be sad to see her go tomorrow.

But I have to admit I think I lost my nighttime mojo. She barely slept at night. I was up every hour crying and wanting a bottle. Nothing I did calmed her down. I put her in my bed and she screamed. I put her in a pack and play and she screamed. I laid on the couch with her and she screamed. Finally she succumbed to her tiredness and passed out on her own.

While I will miss her terribly I am looking forward to a great night’s sleep.

I wish I could post more but my eyes are rolling to the back of my head.

I will be catching up on the summer in the next few days.

Have a happy weekend!


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