Friday, July 30, 2010


I found the video of Dr. Robert Maganini setting out on his journey.

Did you see my grandma? She was in the beginning of the video.

Dr. Robert Maganini left St. Charles, Illinois today to begin his 1000 mile biking trip to Pike’s Peak, Colorado today.
If you didn’t read my Dr. Maganini post … please read it by clicking here.
My grandmother and I went to Sammy’s Bike Shop to see him off and wish him well.

When Grandma was able to speak with Dr. Maganini he remembered her instantly. He was so happy to receive her homemade card and donation.
The whole Maganini family was incredibly friendly and grateful for each and every person that came out to wish him well on his trip.
DSCF2252 Before Dr. Maganini got ready to leave he gave a speech that had most people in tears – including him. He thanked his wonderful wife and supportive kids. He thanked his family expecially his father (who passed away in March of this year) and his brother who underwent treatment for brain cancer.
DSCF2246 He thanked all of his patients (cancer survivors) for encouraging him to make this trip in honor of each and everyone of them.
He informed us all that everyday 1000 people are diagnosed with cancer and his mission for this trip is to bring awareness and find a cure for this disease.
So far he has raised … $40,000!!! He only intended on trying to raise $25,000.
Will you join me in praying for Dr. Maganini to have a safe trip, the 1000 people a day that are diagnosed with cancer, and the survivors of cancer?
If you would like to make a donation to Bike2thePike please go to Dr. Maganini’s blog for directions on how to do so. Click here to visit his site.

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