Friday, April 2, 2010

Who knew Panera Bread would get Jacob talking?

Jacob and I went to Panera Bread for lunch yesterday. He said he was having a rough day because Matthew (my little brother) was able to play with friends and ride his bike around without a parent around.

So we went to Panera Bread because it is Jacob’s favorite place to eat, besides McDonalds.

He enjoyed dipping his bread into his soup and taking extremely large bites. We were talking about how he didn’t want to go back to school on Monday but then he wanted to talk about things that worry him.

He got comfy in his chair and told me his worries.

“Mom, I am afraid the Easter Bunny won’t leave my eggs?”

“Eggs where Jacob? In your Easter basket?”

“No Mom! Around the house. I am afraid he will forget.”

“Write the Easter Bunny a letter. Tell him that you are afraid he will forget to leave the Easter eggs. But the Easter bunny won’t forget.”

“Alright Mom. I will write him a letter but I am still not sure.”

I guess my answer satisfied him. He continued to eat and then we talked about whether or not Broccoli Cheddar soup could catch a mouse because it is made from cheese.

I love my sweet boy. I am so glad that I made time for him yesterday.

What is your child’s favorite place to eat?

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  1. My Elayna LOVES LOVES Panera! And, those pictures made me want their soup and bread. Yum!!


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