Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Friday

Today was glorious!

I got up early and sat down to continue reading Blue Like Playdoh by Tricia Goyer. (As soon as I am finished with the book I will tell you all the wonderful things I have learned)

Jacob woke up around 10 and with his sleepy eyes asked for markers and white paper. He got busy coloring and writing.

I took a leisurely shower and sat around in my robe getting ready. Jacob finished his coloring and got ready for the day.DSCF0320

We headed to my mothers house. Jacob got to play with Uncle Michael, Mark, and Matthew while my Mom, Vicky, and I went to get incredible pedicures.


After our pedicures my Mom, me, Jacob, and Matthew went to the Arboretum for lunch and for the boys to run around outside.

They climbed … They ran … They laughed


There was a Good Friday service at church this evening so after the Arboretum Jacob and I went home to get ready.

The Good Friday service was … breathtaking. Harvest Bible Chapel did such an amazing job getting us to think, pray, and reflect on the things Jesus did to save us from our sins.

They passed buckets around filled with nails. As soon as Jacob got his he couldn’t stop looking at it. He held it to his wrist and gently pressed the nail into it. He looked at me with so many questions lingering in his eyes.

Did it hurt?

Why did Jesus do that for us?

Why were people so mean to Jesus?

I asked him if he wanted me to pray with him. He did. In the quiet stillness of the sanctuary I thanked God for dying on the cross for our sins. I thanked God for allowing us to cleansed of our sins. Tiny tears rolled down Jacob’s face. The nail was so real.


Jacob sang along with the songs and started to understand the depth of God’s love for him.

He has so many questions and I thanked him for them all. He needed to know that questions about God make him smarter. He smiled!

We left church in silence and drove to Target. I know I know … we just had this amazing service and we go to Target. I picked up the ingredients I needed to make Pioneer Woman’s Hot Cross Buns.

As soon as we got home I remembered what The Simple Wife did with her children to remember what Jesus went through. We got a black pen and a red marker and got to work.


Now we are home enjoying and contemplating all that occurred today. I am thankful for days like this.

Thank you Jesus for taking away my burdens and my sins. I know I am truly loved.


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