Friday, March 26, 2010

Well, alright then !

This post should really be called … I love The Blindside movie and I want to be just like Leanne Tuohy … but that would just have been too long.


If you haven’t seen The Blindside yet … go rent it!

The first time I saw this movie was on New Year’s Eve with Dan and Jacob. We really didn’t have plans for the evening and I just decided to see what movies were in the theater. We had 30 minutes until The Blindside started, so we jumped in the car and got their as quickly as possible. (Going the speed limit of course!) We had to sit in the first couple of rows and wrench our necks to see it but it was well worth it.

Side note: I think Jacob likes this movie more than I do. His second favorite movie may just be Fireproof. He asks to see both of these movies all the time.

Back to the main reason for this post … I want to be just like Leanne Tuohy. She is outspoken, energetic, sympathetic, and she does what she wants to. She doesn’t seem to fear what other people think of her, school is important, and she wants the best for her children.

I want to be like that. More often than not I worry if everyone will approve of my choices. I wish I had the confidence to do what I know is right regardless of what other people think.

I want to question authority. Just because they are in charge doesn’t mean they have all the right answers.

I want to always look good. Not just wearing a t-shirt jeans because it is quick to throw on.

I want to be an adoptive mother to a child who needs a home.

Last night, when Dan and I watched the movie again I asked him if I could be like Leanne and he told me I already was.

I love him for saying that.

If you could be like someone … who would it be?

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