Monday, March 22, 2010

Not Me Monday!

I know ... I know ... I have not done a Not Me! Monday! post in forever but I had time between classes and wanted to join in.

Not Me! Monday! was designed to release any fears or anxieties about the things you have ... umm or have not done. This is a great way to relieve stress and trust me you will get a huge laugh from reading other Not Me! Monday! posts. Go ahead ... click here ... trust me you will feel better once you have.

I most certainly did not lock myself in my room yesterday in order to finish a paper I procrastinated on for over a week.

I did not tell Jacob that I did not care the amount of times he could jump rope without stopping.

I did not also tell Jacob that if he did not stop jumping rope in my bedroom that I would throw the jump rope out the window.

Honestly, what kind of mother does those things?

Also, I did not have to have a conversation with Christian about "winkys" and why we shouldn't like "winkys" in our face.

I also did not ask him why he said he likes "winkys" in his face nor did I laugh out loud after hearing him explain that a "winky" is a type of snack like a cracker.

Why is it that mothers of boys have to discuss "winkys" and butts all the time?

At the Awana's this week, Jacob did not tell his teacher that we haven't been practicing the books of the Bible ... seriously we have been practicing.

Also, he did not use his Awana bucks to purchase a new whoopie cushion that replaced the one that mysteriously disappeared just weeks earlier.

What kind of mother hides their child's most prized possession (a fart maker) by sticking it under the cushion on the couch knowing their child will never look there?

Well I feel much better about the things I may or may not have done over the past week!

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