Friday, January 8, 2010

New Reward System for Jacob

I received a phone call from Jacob’s Reading Recovery teacher, Mrs. C, yesterday. Mrs. C informed me that Jacob’s behavior has been less than stellar the past few days.

I was informed that he …

*Refuses to read books he has already read.

*Refuses to read enthusiastically according to the symbols (i.e. – ! or ?)

*Is unwilling to cooperate with Mrs. C

*Is slow to coming to her classroom

After speaking with Mrs. C, we both think that putting a reward system in place for positive behavior in the home would be beneficial to Jacob.

So, I created these …



They say … 5 minutes of video games!

Jacob loves video games and always asks to play them. The main form of discipline in our household is to take away video games if Jacob disobeys.

Now video games can be a reward for his good behavior. If he gets a good behavior report from both his Reading Recovery teacher and his main teacher I will give him his reward coupon.

He will also get reward coupons when he does good things around the house like clean his room, make his bed, not arguing with me at homework time, and by any other behavior I deem qualified for a reward coupon.

I feel that this will help both of us …

1)Jacob will have good behavior in order to accrue coupons.

2)I will be able to better monitor his video game time.

Hopefully this works. I will definitely keep you informed about how this goes.

What types of reward systems do you have in place in your house?

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  1. That's a great idea! One cautionary thing: I would use these to reward him for bigger things than daily chores so that they are not really easily obtained. You want good behavoir in class to trump his doing small tasks around the house -- know what I mean?


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