Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Laziness is officially bubbling over in my house

I am so lazy right now! So lazy that I am angry with myself. I am not getting anything done.

Case in Point: Last night I made dinner and barely cleaned up the kitchen. Then I sat myself down on the couch and there I stayed until I went to bed. The clothes are over running my dining room table. The kitchen sink is exploding with dishes still to be cleaned. The carpet is literally begging me to vacuum it. Honestly, my house looks like I never clean up.

The laziness then lead to the most craptacular morning. (Yes in my vocabulary craptacular is a word!)

I woke up at 7:30 which is late. Then proceeded to take my time showering, putting my make up on, and getting dressed.

After I was ready and Jacob was still asleep I felt it was only appropriate to see if Jacob had any homework. Oh yes I could win the Mother of the Year award. Much to my surprise he totally had homework and it is due today.


So I wake Jacob up and then threaten his life if he doesn’t get in the shower immediately. I then inform him in my angry voice that he has to take the world’s quickest shower. The second he gets out of the shower I throw his clothes at him and yell once again to get dressed as fast as he can.

Oh yes I am Mother of the Year!

Then I have him sit at the table and I am force feeding him the answers to his worksheet as I am laying out the exact way he needs to glue together his cut up sentence.

I bribe him to write nicely by promising him $1 so that he can buy ice cream at lunch.

While he is gluing together his sentence I am packing his lunch.

He finishes his homework which he has officially learned nothing from since I answered all the questions.

Then I am yelling once again to have him get his coat and shoes on . The shoe laces are knotted together and he can’t do it.

At this time I now have my coffee cup, Jacob’s juice box, my coat, Jacob’s backpack, my backpack, and my purse. It is near to impossible to now unknot a shoe and then put it on Jacob’s foot. He is getting upset and I am continuing on my yelling rampage.

By the time we get into the car it feels like this day is going to drag on forever.

Now if I wasn’t so lazy … Jacob’s homework would have been done last night.

If I wasn’t so lazy … the clothes would be folded and put away.

If I wasn’t so lazy … my kitchen wouldn’t look like a disaster area.

Does anyone else struggle with laziness?

What kind of things do you do the night before so your mornings aren’t centered around yelling and bribing? Honestly, any tips, tricks, or motivations would be much appreciated!! Please leave some comments. I want to hear from you!

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  1. of course since I never deal with laziness... i can't have anything to say... just kidding! wow, this is something I HAVE been dealing with lately. It isn't easy to get up the energy to do everything that needs done. being a mommy is hard work! I think for me, it is hard to get the energy for it all because once I do it today, I'll have to do it again tomorrow and the next day and the next. our work is never ending. but, it is my God given calling right now in this moment. i love your honesty and talking candidly about this. I think all moms suffer with it once and awhile...


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