Thursday, April 30, 2009

Jacob loves me ...

Jacob and I have a little game that we like to play. The game is where we tell each other how much we love them but we have to compare it to something big, huge, or ginormous. Lately, he has been getting very creative. These are some of the things he has said...

*I love you as big as the universe, including the planets.
*I love you as big as sun, cause thats big.
*I love you as big as the ocean, the earth, and everything.
*I love you all the way to heaven.

and last but not least ...

*I love you as big as the world's strongest man.

I love playing this game with him. Most of the time it is as big as the universe. I love my little man!

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  1. I just love reading your blog. I stumbled on it not to long ago and even though I don't comment I do read. Stop by my blog and pick up your 2 awards that I gave you.


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