Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Twice in One Day? Crazy I know

I know I already posted once today but I just had a super funny conversation with Jacob and wanted to share it with everyone.

Jacob: Mom, what do you think?

Me: What do I think about what?

Jacob: I think I should quit school.

Me: Quit school? Why? You can't even quit school, it isn't allowed.

Jacob: Yes I need to quit school. We do the same thing everyday. Except for gym days. I like those days.

Me: Yeah you are not going to quit school. You will be back at school tomorrow as long as you don''t throw up again.

Jacob: Fine I will go back to school but we do the same thing ALL the time but fine.

I guess I thought this conversation would come when he was 16 years old not 6 years old. He hasn't even been in school for a year! I think this will be a long process for the both of us.


On yet another topic of the day ...
I have been considering changing a huge aspect of my life. I am not going to share what it is yet but I am asking everyone to pray for me. Please pray that what I am trying to do goes with what God has planned for me. I know He has plans for me but I just want to make sure this one is what He wants me to do.


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