Friday, September 6, 2013

Coffee Date Anyone?

I honestly didn't mean to be away for a month. I did give myself one week off because I wasn't feeling good but my cold didn't actually go away for 3 weeks. Aagh! But I am feeling much much better now.

So sit down and let me pour you a cup of coffee.

 I would tell you that Little Man started 5th Grade this year. He was so happy to bring Little Miss and show her where he was going to school. My heart is just overwhelmed by his unconditional love for her. He is an amazing big brother.

I would tell you that this little chipmunk has been driving my husband crazy. He likes to steal the almost ripe roma tomatoes. To be honest, it makes me giggle thinking about how crazy mad my husband gets.

I would tell you that God is good. Even on days when I want him to change things in our lives. When money is tight, I beg Him to help me get a substitute teaching job or open doors for my husband to work for a better company that makes more money. When Little Miss won't sleep, I beg Him to give me patience and to encourage Little Miss to become a better sleeper. When Little Man gives me grief about reading or doing his homework, I beg Him to change my tone of voice so it doesn't sound like I am yelling and for Little Man to become a boy who loves reading. When my husband hurts my feelings or misunderstands me, I beg Him to change my husband and give him the words that I need to hear. And then at the end of that really really long day, I look at the sky and see this. God is good.

I would show you the teepee I made for Little Miss's birthday. It took me two days and $12. I followed the diy instructions from this blog. It was super easy. Granted my seams are not exact and the stiches are a little wonky but Little Miss loves it and so do I.

 I would tell you that I take funny pictures of Little Miss all the time because she just melts my heart. She is funny and makes me laugh. I hope she wouldn't be shy when you came over so you could really see her personality.

 I would tell you that Little Miss turned 1 years old. This has been an amazing year. I love being the mom to my two beautiful babies. Her day was filled with balloons {LOVED}, crowns {HATED}, and cupcakes {LOVED}. Two out of three isn't bad.

 I would tell you that having soccer practice every single evening is really exhausting for both Little Man and I. He is an amazing soccer player and loves the game but he is getting a little tired. I may let him skip a day next week.

I would tell you that Little Miss is a scaredy cat. I did finally get her to sit by the fountain but it didn't last long. Also, if she sees you taking her picture she runs at you. In turn that provides not great pictures of the top of her head.

 I would tell you that sometimes we misplace one of her shoes. She doesn't seem to mind. {We did find the shoe later in the car.}

I would tell you that laundry is my least favorite chore in the house. When Little Miss "helps" I can't stop laughing and it takes even longer to get done.

If you came over, Little Miss would want to color. She just discovered coloring and now loves it. She doesn't always stay on the paper.

I would tell you that I am a happy Momma and I would change anything for the world.


  1. So sweet!!! I like all the pictures. Your both kids are very cute. I will back to see your next post.

    Kopi Luwak

  2. Maysie is so cute! what a unique and beautiful name and that picture of your son and Maysie is so SO beautiful. they must share a beautiful bond. and yes even when we are in the hard times, there is hope and God is good. He is good all the time.

    I hope you have a blessed Saturday!

    Visiting from Casey Wiegand's link up.



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