Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Hello Monday! {Lake Geneva, WI}

Hello Monday! Wow ... has it been a long time since I did one of these! Geez. You would think that I haven't done anything fun this whole summer or stopped to look at the beauty around me. In fact, we have done plenty of fun things and I have stopped to look around at the beauty God surrounds me with every day.

We took a mail boat tour in Lake Geneva, WI a few weeks back. We enjoyed the tour (even though the boys thought it was about 45 minutes too long).
Little Man loved being right next to the window.
Little Miss loved her new sling but only napped for about 30 minutes.
I felt inspired by the beauty of the homes we visited and loved the very patriotic decks that many residents had.
I loved spending time with me and the kids. The all did so well.
We even were lucky enough to spend time at the beach. Little Miss loved the sand and water. Well mostly the sand because we couldn't stop her from eating it most of the time.
My Little Bonus (stepson) thought it was hilarious to balance his head on the mound of sand. I guess this is what you get when you make kids stay on a boat for 2 1/2 hours discussing the history of Lake Geneva.
Little Miss loved receiving tons of attention from her brothers. I guess carrying her in the sand/water is better than carrying her around in the living room.
Little Man is getting more handsome by the minute. I love spending time with him.
So hello Monday! I love the fresh start to my week.

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