Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Summer Adventure {Part 1}

I cannot believe it is already summer vacation! With that being said, the kids get bored super easy and I am always looking for free or cheap adventures for us to take. Yesterday we decided to go collect tadpoles to watch them grow into frogs this summer.

My aunt has a beautiful pond in her backyard that is filled with tiny tadpoles. So we called my grandma and she showed us the "Herrodfordshire" way of collecting tadpoles. Which basically means tying a string around a jelly jar, tossing it into the pond, and then waiting for the tadpoles to swim in.

The boys had a blast and now we have 4 tadpoles to watch.

Of course, Little Miss had to do something while the boys were collecting tadpoles with Grandma May so she chose to fist pump with her cousin Andrew.

I think we had a successful first day of summer.

What did you do?

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