Monday, June 10, 2013

Hello Monday {herbs & veggies}

Hello Monday!!

After such a peaceful and relaxing weekend I am looking forward to a more productive week.
Of course there is always laundry to get done.
Counters to wipe down.
Little's to cuddle.
Lunches and dinners to make.

I love this time in my life where I am able to stay home with my children.

So here is to week #2 of summer vacation.

Hello fresh fruits and veggies! We picked up bangers, potatoes, and asparagus to have for dinner this week. I love bangers and mash! It reminds me of being in England.

Hello Monday! Tiny feet and hands to clean are the best! Little Miss loves baths in the kitchen sink although it does mean water is EVERYWHERE!

Hello Monday! Trying to clean the house when Little Miss is terrified of the vacuum cleaner is hard but if you hold her she doesn't cry as much.

Hello Monday! The weekend was beautiful and Little Miss loves being outside. She doesn't like touching the grass so if she wants to move off the blanket she does cry.

Hello Monday! We planted these flowers 3 years ago. They were not supposed to come back but every year they do! I love their pink color.

Hello Monday! Basil is my favorite herb! We picked up one plant at the Farmer's Market for $4. This plant will produce so much basil I will have to find more recipes for basil.

Hello Monday! Our chives have produced these pretty purple flowers! I know that I have to cut them off but I just love looking at them! 

Hello Monday! You remind of how every week I get a fresh start!

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