Friday, April 19, 2013

Would you like a cup of coffee with me?

It has been a very long two weeks for me. My mind feels like it is on constant alert and I am just exhausted.

If you were here with me to enjoy a cup of coffee {with cream and sugar} or a cup of tea {with milk and sugar} I would tell you ...

That Little Miss is not a good sleeper. She goes down easily but then wakes up 30 minutes later screaming. She does nap better than she sleeps at night but we are both tired and irritable. {She does look quite happy here though}

She is standing up all the time now! She loves this activity table and would play with it all day if I let her. The only down side of her standing is that she cannot sit down from this position and screams until you help her sit down. 

 Our town has been declared in a state of emergency due to flooding. Fortunately, we are safe, the power has remained on, and there has been no flooding in our house.Some people are not as fortunate! The National Guard has been here taking families out of their homes by boat.

 We tried to go on a walk but there were very few roads we could walk down. Little Miss was happy that we were out of the house. She is definitely an outside kind of baby. We have been trying to walk 2 to 3 times a day but the last two days we have stayed inside due to all the rain.


I applied for a teaching position at a home school university. I went in for the initial interview, observed the class for a few hours, and then taught a history lesson. I just got word that I didn't get the job but that there are some substitute opportunities and possibly a Kindergarten/First grade position open. This job would have been the perfect fit for my family but God has other plans for me.

My husband is also struggling with his job. The company he works for used to be a wonderful company. They put family first and had several benefits. Now ... the benefits are very few and my husband is burnt out. I feel like God is trying to get us to take a step of faith because He will provide for us.

There is an opportunity to watch two boys for the summer. I am praying that this will be right for my family and would make our finances a little better.

Also, I have started going to the women's bible study at church. The study is on James by Beth Moore. I have loved meeting new friends and I really look forward to going on Wednesday mornings. 

Then, my husband and I are taking a parenting class to get Little Miss dedicated on Mother's Day. {Last year's Mother's Day I was graduating from college} We ran late last week so hopefully this week we will be on time. {I can't stand being late but it happens so often}

In August my sister in law is getting married in Port Aransas, Texas so we are planning a family road trip. {18 hours in the car with 3 kids ... doesn't that just spell F-U-N} We have saved some money but we will need more in order to make this a family vacation. Pray that we can get the funds we need so we can be there for her and her soon to be husband. 

So if you were hear today sharing a coffee or a tea with me... That is what I would tell you. I would lay my heart out on the table. I would ask for prayers for everything that is going on.  If I shared coffee with you what would you share?

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  1. Hang in there my fellow mommy. If I was having coffee with you this morning, I would just hug you. See, I have 4 kids and my youngest doesn't like to sleep at night either. Makes mommy pretty cranky sometimes. I find that if I can grab a nap here or there, it makes life look better.

    Focus on all the good things and they will shine through the not-so-good stuff.

    We are all in this together. You are not alone.


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