Monday, March 11, 2013

Happy Monday! {Firsts}

I cannot believe that it is Monday again already! We have had a very long {emotional roller coaster} week. Little Man and I decided that it was time to give up some television and video games so that we could spend some more quality time together {something both of us are desperately needing}. Little Miss has been wonderful this past week. We have been trying the cry-it-out method of putting her to bed. It has made me very emotional and drives Little Man crazy. In the mix of this week we have had some wonderful firsts happening so ... what do you say ... should we say hello to some firsts?

Little Miss has experienced a lot of firsts!

Happy Monday ... To your first taste of sweet peas!

Happy Monday ... To the first time you rolled from your stomach to your back! {Yes that was me talking ... no I don't think I sound like that in real life ... at least I think I don't anyway!}

Happy Monday ... To the first time you sat up for more than 2 seconds on your own! I think Little Man was just as excited as I was!

Happy Monday ... To the first time you played with your tea set!

Happy Monday ... To all your firsts to come!

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