Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Long Walks

On Saturday my husband was working on my Mom's basement. He got a late start and decided to use my SUV to haul tools and materials back and forth from the hardware store. (It wouldn't be fun to try to cram it all in his Mustang)

So needless to say I was stranded at home with no way to get anywhere. This is when I really wish I knew how to drive a stick shift car. Aargh

I didn't want to spend another day home alone with Little Miss so I decided to take a walk. Yes I live in the Midwest and yes it was chilly yesterday but we got all bundled up and where fine!

My Mom's house is 4 miles away so we just started walking.

We walked and walked and walked some more.

I prayed to God and thanked him for all of my blessings. I gave Him all of my frustrations. I just laid them at His feet. I looked around at all of God's beauty that He gives to us each day.

I gave God my concerns for the future. I gave him my hopes and dreams. I prayed about our finances and told Him that while I am ok with the struggle lost days some days I get down about it all.

I looked at my beautiful daughter and thanked God for answering my prayers.

By the time I stopped to really focus where I was we had walked all the way to my Mom's house.

The long walk was exactly what we needed. Little Miss needed the sleep and I needed to be lay everything at God's feet.

Here is Little Miss dozing during our walk.

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