Monday, January 7, 2013

Hello Monday {Modge Podge}

Hello Monday! What a amazing 2 weeks we have had! The boys have enjoyed having this time off as well as I have! Now we are back to school and back to a better (hopefully) schedule with regular sleep times  and wake ups! Well except for the fact I am not feelig too well! Lots of lemon - honey tea is on the agenda today. Now on to my hellos!
Hello Little Miss! You are 4 months old already ... how did that happen so quickly
You are almost sitting by yourself now!
Hello new first of trying your first cereal! A big success!
Hello Little Man playing with your little sister! What an amazing big brother you are!
Hello silly faces! Hello my beautiful children. I am so blessed to be your mother!

Hello "teacher-in-training" - she will learn to sit when she is ready just be patient!
Hello our first family Christmas photo! I am looking forward to many more!

Hello Cinderella! I can't wait to watch this movie with you!

Hello Christmas morning! What a relaxing time we had. (Very unusual when you both have other parents that want to spend time with you as well)

Hello my two special gifts! You make me so proud to be your mother!

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