Tuesday, December 11, 2012

3 a.m. Prayers

Last night, Little Miss was sleeping in her crib for the first time.

I barely slept all night because I was terrified that I would not hear her cry when she woke up.

Through the monitor I heard her stir and make all sorts of noises.

I must have fallen asleep at some point but was awoken at 3 am to Little Miss' cries.

I wrap my arms around her tiny body and carry her back into my room.

We both lay down in bed and I start nursing her.

Her eyes are locked on mine! I can tell that she is still sleepy but we both are enjoying this quiet moment together.

As I look into her eyes I silently begin to pray.

Dear Lord,
Please be with my wonderful cousin Bre tonight as she feeds her new baby. Give her the ability to relish in these quiet moments with her son.
Please Lord be with those who are struggling tonight. Allow them to find comfort in Your love.
Lord, teach me how to be an intentional mother. Let Your light shine through me and show them daily how much you love them.
I am truly greatful that you have allowed me to be their mother.
Lord, thank you for these quiet peaceful moments.
Please give me the peace of mind to know that I am doing the right thing with Little Man by putting him on medication. Doctors say that it will help him in school and his teachers feel that it will allow him the ability to focus.
I continued to pray and was really overcome with emotion.
Little Miss fell back asleep and I wrapped my arms around her.
I breathed in her baby scent and felt peaceful.
There is no better place to be than cuddled in my bed with my daughter and husband.

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