Friday, July 27, 2012

34 Weeks

Baby's size: A Butternut Squash

How far along:
34 weeks

Sleep: Oh sleep ... how I miss you. Needless to say, I am not sleeping very well. I would love a great night sleep right now.

Maternity Clothes: Maternity shirts are a must! But I am able to wear some of my regular shorts with the BeBand around my waist. 

Food cravings: A nice cold Coca-Cola from McDonalds. This is not out of the ordinary though.

Food aversions:
No aversions!

Symptoms I have: Heartburn, heartburn, and more  heartburn. Maybe a little swelling in my feet and hands but it is really hot out right now.

Doctor’s Appointment: At my doctor's appointment last week Baby M and I are doing great. I have only gained 23 pounds (down 1 pound from my last appointment).  My blood pressure is right where it should be and I am measuring at 33 inches. Baby M's heart beat is 157 bpm which is very normal. It did take awhile to find her heartbeat though but the doctor said it was because of how she was laying.

Movement: Baby M is very active right now. She doe seem more active in the morning though.

Belly Button:
Still an innie. Dan says that it looks like a never ending tunnel. I am almost positive there is no outie in my future.

Gender: It's a GIRL!! 

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  1. found your blog through the wegiands. you look great! those last couple months are so exciting (well except for the heartburn and feeling huge and all!)


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