Tuesday, June 12, 2012

What else can I do but Pray! (Money Struggles)


Money is never fun to discuss but it is such an important topic in the household.

I have been reading the book Organized Simplicity by Tsh Oxenreider (find the book here) and I feel that I am finally able to understand how living simply (with finances and in the household) can provide peace. In this book Tsh Oxenreider says "Don't assume your money will automatically be spent where it should because it doesn't have a mind of its own. Cash is a tool, and it needs to be treated as such. Use it wisely to build, to repair, and to create the things that matter most to you."

Umm ... wow ... that really hit me. We don't have a budget at all. We spend randomly and then wonder why our bills are behind and unpaid.

Then I remembered a blog post I read by Casey Wiegand's that was completely honest about her families money struggles and why they are still making the choices they do. (You can read her post here ... I highly recommend it!)

Again I realized that money is a tool and doesn't necessarily give us the life that we want.

Right now in our household money is TIGHT! Very very tight!

And yet we are not really doing anything about it.

We assume that if we made more money and that if I didn't get laid off we would be fine.

But without a budget I know that we would just spend more and not in an appropriate way.

Since I am Type A I sat down and wrote out our income and our expenses. In order to pay everything (well just the necessities) we are still short $137 per month.

After I wrote out the budget I made a list of things we could do to save money/make money such as ...
*Cut down on Dan's 401k (temporarily)
*Cut down our cell phone bills
*Sell some unused and new items we have in our home
*Drive less - therefore saving gas

Lastly, I wrote down things Dan and I are dreaming about ...
*Buying baby furniture
*Buying a new king size mattress
*Buy new living room furniture
*Go on vacation

(By the way Dan was sleeping as I did all of this ... )

Now I am not sure that this will work. I know that Dan is not a big fan of budgeting (he thinks it is like a straight jacket). I have also asked Dan to allow me to take over the bills to give him some relief.

So what else is there left to do ... but PRAY!


I am committing to pray for Dan for 20 minutes per day for 31 days.

He is the leader of our family. He needs strength to make it through his day. He needs God's guidance now more than ever.

I printed out a 31 Days of Prayers for your Husband and grabbed a notebook to write down my prayers in. I am hoping that I can give it to Dan at the end of 31 days.

When he wakes up this morning he will find a few tiny notes, a budget, a copy of Casey Wiegand's honest financial post, my prayers for him, and my notebook.

What have you prayed for continuously lately?

Are you struggling with your finances?

Do you want to commit to pray for your husband for 31 days?

Can I pray for you in any way?

I can't wait to see what doors God opens for us with this 31 day journey.

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